Risks of Personal Growth

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Personal growth work can give you profound transformations of self-awareness, consciousness, heart openness, connection, enlightenment, and much more. But when you go for truth, you’ll also become more aware of it. The good, the bad,...

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The Happiness Trap

What do you want in life? Some variation of the answer “I want to be happy” is a standard response. Wanting to be happy is natural. After all, it’s an enjoyable emotional state that’s associated with various hormones and neurochemical reactions that make us feel good....

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Barriers to Growth

Do you ever wonder whether you’re getting the most out of your personal growth work?Does it feel like with all the books, videos, courses, TV, radio, podcasts that you consume, that you should be making more progress? Maybe you’re just starting on a new path and want...

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