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Our Approach to Personal Growth

If you want to learn how to live a more authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling life, then you’re in the right place. That’s what we’re all about.

Whether you are just beginning your personal growth journey or you are a veteran who’s visiting Jafari PG for the first time, this section will provide the basic context you need to get started with us and move forward in your journey confidently.

At Jafari Personal Growth, we help you connect to your core self and live from your truth.  We first focus on your journey inward because that’s where the truth of your experience originates.  But we don’t stay there.

Once you’ve accessed your core, it becomes an unshakable foundation, a kind of basecamp from which you can come back out and live. We look at how to stay connected to your core as you live your truth in relation to others and life.

In other words, this is an inside-out, principles-based approach to growth as opposed to tactical, achievement and “success” teachings.

What Do We Mean by Personal Growth?

… and what to expect from each

We will refer to three types of personal growth:

  1. Egoic Self
  2. Core Self
  3. Universal Self

The Egoic Self

The ego-self includes the labels and roles we associate ourselves with… our personal identity.   Things like:

  • I am a son, father, boyfriend, husband
  • I am a daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife
  • I am a nice person and a loyal friend
  • I am a responsible citizen
  • I am a hard worker and good employee, strong leader, innovative entrepreneur
  • I am an artist
  • I am a professional
  • … etc. The list is endless.

Your “ego” self is the sense of your identity that was traumatized that time you were 5 (or 50) by… whatever.  It’s the part of you that wants to belong to a group, gets triggered by various occurrences in life, and causes you to say or do things that you later regret.

This is the realm of psychotherapy, various healing modalities, personal development, and life coaching, personality types, success training, and many more. These fields are focused on the parts of your self that are broken, damaged, weak, dysfunctional, or could use improvement in some way. They are all about achieving a sense of wholeness or making your life work better.

We encourage people to engage with qualified professionals in these fields as part of their overall health & wellness lifestyle. Think of it as a kind of internal exercise for healing and strengthening into a healthy ego.

The Core Self

The second layer we refer to is the “core” or “authentic” self.  It’s all about getting to the truth of WHO you are… the aspect of your self that has always been constant prior to any ideas about yourself.  It’s the constant sense of “me”-ness beneath the evolving layers of identity.

The first two layers of personal growth work in the realm of ‘duality consciousness‘ where there is some degree of separation between “self” and “other.” In that realm, the ego-self is a persona you wear like a mask while the core self is a differentiated individual underneath the mask that is whole unto itself.

Universal Self

The third is in the realm of universal “non-duality” consciousness, where there is no separation between “me” and “you.”  Any sense of self dissolves and merges with all of existence and non-existence. Some use terms like insight, prajna, kensho, satori, gnosis, illumination, and most commonly enlightenment.  This is the realm of the mystics and peak spiritual experiences (whatever “peak” means”).  Also, it’s for the most hard-core seekers who desire the absolute truth above all else.

Our sense of self is a construct of our minds, whose job it is to keep us alive, stable, and safe. In Western society, we typically spend our whole lives cultivating our minds by reinforcing various protective structures around our sense of self to ensure it’s viability and continuity.  But getting to the level of the Universal Self requires that we drill through – or, if you prefer, dissolve open – our protective infrastructure to ultimately surrender and transcend our sense self altogether.

A Universal Warning

It’s important to note that although the pursuit of the Universal Self can have therapeutic benefits along the way, it can also have destabilizing effects on your life. With recent advances in transformational processes (sometimes called ‘technologies’) what used to take 10 or 20 years of preparation and disciplined practice to have a direct experience of truth is now possible in a matter of days.

This process of de-identification can be blissful and ecstatic, but it can also bring up the undesirable bits that you’ve buried deep beneath the surface to avoid dealing with their difficult consequences. Facing the unpleasant can seem like an existential threat to your mind. This is sometimes called an “ego death.”  Your mind may put up resistance or at times outright rebel against any efforts to subvert its security. The more identified you are with your ego, the more your mind may resist.

It’s possible that you may realize large swaths of your life (career, family, etc.) that you thought were authentic were actually built on a foundation of egoic B.S.  I’m not saying this will be true for you, but you should know the possibility is there for some folks. Truth can be a bitch…. a beautiful, wonderful, liberating bitch.

That’s why, I recommend the path towards the Universal Self only for people who are willing and able to stay on course through the various triggers and distractions – both pleasant and unpleasant –  in pursuit of the ultimate truth. Awakening can sometimes be jarring for an insecure or unstable ego, so I recommend this work only for people who are either

1) financially and psychologically secure enough to absorb and integrate “truth bombs,” or

2) sufficiently detached from worldly materialism and wouldn’t mind if their life takes a 180-degree turn.

Some spiritual paths even require their adherents renounce worldly attachments like money and family.

Our Approach

At Jafari Personal Growth, we aim to take you deep into yourself and beyond. But we do it in a gentle and gradual way, integrating your openings at every step of the way.  We need more enlightened beings living amongst us in society rather than sitting in caves meditating for 30 years.

Throughout this site, you will encounter a range of topics addressing the three levels of personal growth.  Concepts might seem to overlap or even contradict.  What’s true and necessary at one level of consciousness might be completely irrelevant, counterproductive, or even damaging in another.  To avoid confusion, I will do my best to set the context, define terms, and indicate which arena we’re talking about as we go along.


We aim to present universal truths about the human experience through concepts, stories, strategies, practices, and advice. They may not apply to you or your specific situation, so don’t take anything here as infallible dogma.

Be the sovereign of your life and your personal transformation. Listen to your inner wisdom to see if what you are watching, reading or listening to makes sense based on the merits of the idea itself rather than abdicating responsibility to some outside belief system or authority figure, including me or any of the teachers we present.

Also, take accountability for the decisions you make and actions you take, even if they are based on the ideas presented here.  The ideas we present are meant to guide you towards greater personal fulfillment, but we cannot control how others will react to your transformation or the external changes you initiate.  So take credit for favorable outcomes, and be prepared to face unwanted circumstances. In other words, don’t blame us if the shit hits the fan. 

We will help you plan for and reduce the downside potential but will not provide silver bullet solutions or cure-all pills you can take to make all your problems go away.  There are plenty of charlatans out there selling that stuff.  What we present is for serious personal growth practitioners who aren’t afraid of a little disciplined hard work and sacrifice for the greater good.

Also, a trigger warning.  At times, I will present intentionally evocative ideas. They are meant to intentionally trigger your ego, indicating areas of further growth, opening and surrender for you to work through.  More on that later.  For now, just know that if I’m doing my job properly, you will get triggered from time to time by some of the stuff I say. Plus, I’m an imperfect human with my own ego to deal with. Sometimes I simply enjoy being a shit disturber.

Finally, I am not a psychologist nor should any of the ideas I express be taken as legal, financial, medical, or psychotherapy advice.  My work focuses on matters of the heart and spirit, which may at times conflict with your legal or financial best interest.  Please consult with licensed professionals where necessary to understand the implications of your choices.

What to Do Next

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